Thank you for visiting my site! I am grateful and excited to have this presence!!!!

I love giving and receiving a paper card it is fun and special.
The problem to me is that I keep a card for a couple of days and inevitably it ends up in the trash.

In a small effort to help save the rainforests around the world, I decided to create my version of e-cards to share with users totally free.
No downloads, gimmicks or commercials on any of my pages.
It is simply free and a 100% customizable.

My goal is to send and receive an e-card that is intimate, personal and mimic a paper card.
I use my own images and add credit notes to each e-card when I use another source. Please look for it on the inside of the e-card.

I am not a professional photographer or web designer/developer but I love taking pictures wherever I go. Nature is perfect and continues to transform my life!
Abundance and balance are always wonderful to experience.

Your recipient will love receiving an e-card that contains a personal message that is not a billboard display filled with infomercials.
Do not forget you can celebrate any occasion or holiday by adding your own heading to any card. Create an invitation and email it to all of your friends.

With a blank double inside page you can add virtually an unlimited message and schedule sending your e-card by using the calendar that is included in the “Send” process.
It is easy to use at your convenience and timetable.
Now you have no excuse to forget any special event.

Of course you can add multiple recipients – just remember to add only one name per line and one recipient’s email address then click “Add another recipient” and
continue until all your recipients are added,
then click “Next” and follow the prompts.

The copyright belongs to the domain HopeAlley.
I am the author and creator of the e-cards.
A sign in is required to curtail spam and phishing.
You must be 14 years or older to use the e-cards and accept the “Privacy Policy” and  “Terms of Use”.

Enjoy the e-cards and please email me if you experience
any problems with the cards or process. Email: celebrate@hopealley.com
Take into account that I have a zero budget and this is not my daily business,
so be patient I will address your email.

Thank you again for choosing http://www.hopealley.com/ecards
Where free e-cards are fun!

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