Accept what is and where you are,

contentment release energy for growth.

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3 Responses to Acceptance

  1. roza says:

    Ja wens dis so maklik om te aanvaar

    • Acceptance is just to say this is and take a breath, acceptance is not giving up or anything beyond. It is a simple act of looking and saying this is. When you fight against or wish for you get stuck into a place of non acceptance. It is not easy to simply fall back into the flow of things especially in a difficult situation.

      It goes against one’s instinct to escape. For some reason we all get stuck into the same pattern if you can not accept what is and where we are. Releasing the energy for change seems to require accepting or acknowledging what is and finding the why from that point. May be is about having a honest look at the situation without the emotional attachments of our ego?

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